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Event Planning Related News and Tips

How To Select Your Wedding Emcee

How to select your Wedding Emcee For most people, their wedding is a special once in a lifetime event, so they want the best arrangements for everything related to their wedding, The wedding master of ceremonies (MC) is a indispensable figure in the making of a...

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How To Choose Food For Children’s Parties

How to choose food for children's parties    When planning a birthday party if the food is not carefully selected, prepared and served, many of your guests may get sick and need to go to the hospital. This article will introduce the food issues to be aware of when...

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Worried About Your Child’s Next Birthday Party? Fret Not!

        Worried about your child's next birthday party? Fret Not! When properly planned, your child’s birthday party need not be stressful event. Here are some tips from those mums who have successfully organized birthday parties.   Decide on the theme: Choose a topic...

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The Difference Between Stage Magician And Close-up Magician

The Difference between Stage Magician and Close-up Magician Early magic was deliberately designed and performed in religious ceremonies, festivals, festivals, and other events. Close-range magic and magic shows on stage are major branches of magic art that has...

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5 Tips For A Successful Event Booth Setup

5 Tips For A Successful Event Booth Setup Setting up an event booth to market your product is an excellent opportunity for a personal, warm and human element touch to your marketing plan. The booth can be setup at a trade show, shopping mall, exhibition hall etc. You...

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9 Tips to Smoothly Organize Your Event

9 Tips to Smoothly Orgazine Your Event The word “Party” does not necessarily have to be associated with loud music and alcohol; it has long been referred to as a gathering of people with the purposes of socializing, conversation and recreation. Aside from that, a...

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