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Heka is about to turn one in a few weeks’ time. The first birthday is a significant milestone for both parents and baby. In every culture, Western or Eastern, the family celebrates joyfully when the child turns one, inviting friends, family and neighbours over for fun and feasting.

They say that the first few birthdays are really for the adults, as the child is too young to be able to decide what should be on the menu, and whom to invite. However, asking around my more experienced friends, I was advised that two things simply cannot go wrong in children birthday parties.

Firstly, a smash cake. Since Heka is learning how to grab hold of food and stuff it in his mouth, it would be a fantastic idea to get him a tiny healthy cake (I’m thinking carrot cake with less sugar and cream cheese frosting?), for him to smash into and eat. This would make for fun photographs too.

Secondly, a clown who does balloon sculpting can never go wrong with children! At every birthday party, the children are bound to hound the clown for balloon sculptures of their favourite items/toys. Amongst the most requested sculptures by little girls are- poodles, flowers and magic wands.

And little boys often get excited over swords, guns and hats. Even the shy ones can be seen timidly peeking from behind their mothers, asking softly if “Koko”(an affectionate term used for older brothers) can make them a balloon sculpture, and when they receive their sculpture, their eyes sparkle with pleasure and you can hear their barely audible “thank yous” before they scurry off to show mummy or daddy or their friends their new toy.

In short, just remember the two Cs to throwing a great party- Cake and Clown (to entertain children and adults alike with some balloon sculpture). If you can’t find a clown who is available to entertain at your party, better start picking up balloon sculpting skills.

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Allan and Friends’ Studios helped me plan my 9 year old daughter’s princess theme birthday party from invitations, organising fun games and entertainment, party packs and more. My girl was cheerful and happily celebrating her birthday with her friends and cousins at the party. I highly recommend Allan and Friends’ Studios to anyone that needs help to plan their event or celebrations!

Sherene Choo

It takes the right skills and expertise to create a stunning event. The event planners from Allan and Friends’ Studios were professional and coordinated the entire process smoothly from red carpet rental, setting up the photobooth, decorations and more. Thank you Allan and Friends’ Studios for making our Company’s product launch this year a successful one! 

Chloe Lim

We’re lucky we managed to get in touch with Allan and Friends’ Studios to help plan and coordinate our company’s annual dinner. All of our staff had a great night filled with great entertainment, live music and food in a extravagant Great Gatsby theme party. This saved our team a lot of time and we definately had a great time after working hard all year!

Chee Sue Yin

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