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Beautiful Balloon Decorations

Balloon Decorations in KL and Selangor

Balloons have become a huge trend  in event decoration, balloons make really amazing beautiful decoration that can brighten up the atmosphere and gives the feel of cerebration. Balloon decorations are used in most events from simple party to elegant wedding and to formal corporate event.

Party balloon decoration

Parties for birthday, baby shower, graduation, anniversaries are to have fun and bring joys. Whether the party is private for small group or huge event, adding balloons decoration with color and theme will excite everyone in the party.

Wedding balloon decoration

Balloon decorations to match with soft tone colors give the romantic feel of the wedding atmosphere. The magnificent balloon arches for the entrance and the walkway with exquisite balloons in the wedding reception add character and elegance to this special occasion.

Corporate event balloon decoration

Formal corporate function such as business conference, business inauguration, trade-shows, grand openings, product launching, sales promotion, award banquets, gala dinners, convention and many others corporate events. Balloon decorations provide extra dimension with corporate colors, logo or theme effectively transform the event venue with huge space to fill, combining with creativity to add excitement for all guests.

Balloon decoration a good choice compares to other option

There are many other types of event decoration choices. Such as luminous lights either with full or shedding light; bright or shining especially in the dark. Luminous only display the beauty of the lights but the lighting effects only be clearly seen in the dark or at night and not obvious during day or brighter time like balloons, which clearly visible.

Using candles to decorate will faces outdoor challenge with windy situation and also safety measures, as during party, most kids might not have the knowledge of safety and they loves to play with candles. As for balloons, kids like to hold the balloon with the string with let go and catch with laughter, avoiding the risk of fire.

White ornaments hanging on the ceiling such as snowflakes and icicles, silver garlands, can be creative with the theme of the party, but limited with creativity including the artistic creation that goes with the party theme that balloons can do.

Green plants and fresh flowers are very common way to decorate an event in particular to glamorous events carry out in hotels. These give a freshness feel and rare flowers do give a wow to guests. However, rare flowers are rare to source and there are mostly imported from overseas. Beside they are costly but timing is very important, contingency plan is needed in case delay in shipment or customs clearance. Although green fresh plant and flowers are good to look at, but some guests might be sensitive to pollen, and also the chemical spray used. Plant and flowers are also perished quickly especially in our country situated in the tropical. Thus if the event is only for short period such as one night this is not really an issue.  But if prolong events for days and nights lasting for 2 days to 1 week, then using balloons is the next best alternative choice.  

Importance consideration when hiring balloon decorators

The importance of engaging and coordinating with balloons decoration vendors for an event cannot be underestimated because they act as the pillars to hosting a successful event with first visionary image and feel of the event venue.

Consider hiring balloons decorator whom are reputable in the industry with good track records for past events.

Experience balloons decorators with event time plan such as estimate time needed for proper setting up the event space, time to blowing up all the balloons, checking the size of balloons being the same, patterns are correct and time to assemble.

Ensure balloons professional decorators have good safety practice such as to use helium gas to make balloons float and not use dangerous hydrogen cylinders which is flammable and explosive exposing guests to danger.

Balloon decorator whom are creative to transform your event theme, equip with the necessary balloon decoration equipment and knowledge for the event. The type and size of balloons to use for required floating time. They also acquired the skill to calculate the number of balloons for the event space provided and to make sure it does not overpower the space for emergency exit. 

Best time to engage a vendor

Upon having determined the event and budget, the ultimate step in the event planning process is to engage trustworthy and reputable vendor. The benefit of early engaging vendor will have less stress and open to more option for selecting vendor, able to review detail arrangement effectively. With extract time allow, will have better selection for the type of balloon use, special designed of printing, choices of colour of event theme or create branding for the event.  


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Our Balloons Decoration Options


No matter what are the options, balloons decoration symbolised an event happening. Parties and celebrations can be elegant. They can be gorgeous. But, to add that youthfulness, energy, lightness and sense of possibilities, balloons cannot be missed. Whether you string them together into pillars or arches or bunch them up ‘hot-air balloon’ style, they will always bring a sense of wonderment and joys.

Balloon Bunches / Banquets

A bunch of 7 to 10 balloons or any number with interchangeable in style, colour, size, shape and theme. This can suit any occasion with appropriate customisation.

Confetti Balloons

Combination of Balloons and Confetti as event theme or colour theme sure made the party outstanding, attractive and add fun for everyone  in kid birthday party, new year eve party, graduation party and other events.

Balloon Centrepieces

Balloon centrepieces are to add excitement to any table in the banquet hall or grand ballroom.

Balloon Backdrop / Background

Bring your event to live with spectacular effect that goes with the type of event and theme.

Customised Balloons Design

Balloons are fun way to celebrate any event, whether it is for private small home party or fill the entire ballroom. Our team of expertise in event planning and talented balloon decorator can take your event to the highest level of excitement.

Balloon Arches

Balloon arches decorations are used in all kinds of parties and events. The single colour, spiral, rainbow colours design and styles of balloons varied are used to suit the special occasion. A balloon arch is eye catching for guests to easily find the place and create magical entranceway or doorway for guest to walk through it making they feel their present is important for the event. Other areas of the event for Balloon arches decorations can be at the registration tables, food tables, event stage, dance floor and outdoor events.

Balloon Clusters

Cluster of balloons from small multiples of two, four or up to eight or and any number of balloons for free standing, affix to a wall or ceiling. Balloons create a great sense of fun and happiness. These are truly effective way of attracting attention and create atmosphere of celebration.

Balloon Columns

Balloon columns add colour and fun to an event. There are different designs of balloon columns usually in pairs of spiral, slow spiral, single tone or clustered colour design. Latex or non-latex (foil) balloons design to create many different theme, combining artistic sculptures for special occasions.

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We can make your next event with spectacular balloons to remember! Contact us for more balloon decoration ideas. For more information on our service, please get in touch with us today and let us know what you need.

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In Town Events helped me plan my 9 year old daughter’s princess theme birthday party from invitations, organising fun games and entertainment, party packs, beautiful balloon decorations and more. My girl was cheerful and happily celebrating her birthday with her friends and cousins at the party. I highly recommend In Town Events to anyone that needs help to plan their event or celebrations!

Pn Salmiah

It takes the right skills and expertise to craft beautiful balloon decorations. The event planners from In Town Events were professional and designed colourful, bright and catchy balloon decorations for my company’s product launch this year, making it a successful one! 

Sze Wen

We’re lucky we managed to get in touch with In Town Events to help out with balloon decorations and backdrop for our annual dinner. They planned and executed wonderfully stunning balloon arches and decorations in accordance to our company’s annual dinner theme and colours! Thank you In Town Events!

Ms Vanita

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