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“Send in the clowns!” so the popular song by Judy Collins went… Clowns have been, in time memorial, featured by singers and authors and film makers who wax lyrical about their uniqueness. No doubt, clowns have played a significant role in many a child’s wonderment and delight. Very few other entertainers have such a profound effect on people with just their presence. From the moment their oversized, brightly coloured boots step into the foray, clowns can light up the eyes and put big smiles on both young and old, filling them with excitement, expectations and fond memories of a special occasion.

A clown who is funny, playing jokes and making everyone laugh at their silliness, is in effect, giving each of the audience a precious gift of appreciating and enjoying the present and forgetting their problems for that moment. Laughter is medicine for the heart and so clowns are even a welcome sight in the hospitals and infirmaries. A clown who not only can entertain with jokes but also do magic tricks or balloon sculpting takes the cake!

Many times, we have seen children drop the food, presents and/or fights when they catch a sight of the clown walking into the room. Suddenly, the rowdy bunch of children who are deaf to their parents’ pleas “not to play rough” become attentive and rapt to the clown’s antics. When the clown interacts with the crowd, the kids are the first to answer loudly. When the clown calls for volunteers, the tiny hands all shoot up and they beg to be picked out. Such is the magical power that the clown holds over our children.

Needless to say, if you ever wanted a simple, but highly effective entertainment for a child’s party, the answer lies in getting a good clown. Booking a professional and experienced clown from a reputable event company will ensure all the guests go home with big smiles and happy memories of your party. Speak to our customer service team to hire clown services today!

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Allan and Friends’ Studios provided clown service for my 9 year old daughter’s birthday party. My daughter and her friends were absolutely delighted with the clown’s antics and were laughing constantly during the entertaining 1 hour performance by the clown at the party. I highly recommend Allan and Friends’ Studios to anyone that needs hire a clown for their event or party!

Sherene Choo

It takes the right skills and expertise to entertain a group of people. The clowns from Allan and Friends’ Studios were an absolute delight and entertained our guests well. Thank you Allan and Friends’ Studios for making our Company’s event this year a successful one! 

Chloe Lim

We’re lucky we managed to get in touch with Allan and Friends’ Studios to help us find clowns for our party at the last minute. Our staff had a great time and was entertained by the group of clowns dressed in various colourful outfits. We definately had a great time after working hard all year!

Chee Sue Yin

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