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Lion Dance in KL and Selangor

Nobody quite knows how and when the lion dance originally came about, but everyone agrees that the Lion Dance is an integral part of every auspicious ceremony, from a Chinese New Year celebration to a new office opening, a launch of a new product or brand, weddings and moving into a new house or premises.

The lion dance is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture in which performers mimic a lion’s movements in a lion costume, and many Asian countries or Asian communities around the world adopt this cultural performance as an addition to their celebrations.

Dancers in elaborate and often colourful costumes are accompanied by a band of musicians, beating out a rhythm with drums, cymbals, and gongs, by which the lion dances in sync to. The louder the music the better! You can definitely hear and know there is a ceremony going on in the vicinity, thanks to the enthusiasm of the musicians.

The performers are usually trained in martial arts movements as the lion is required to wow the audience with some gravity defying acts, such as jumping on poles, jumping up and standing. The lion also shows its softer side by peeling pomelos and oranges for honourable guests to receive as a token of fortune and good luck.

Although this used to be largely a Chinese custom, many Malaysians have come to love and look forward to this symbolic performance yearly and this has led to many companies adopting the culture regardless of their ethnicity. It is not unusual for Western companies, and Malaysian companies to engage the services of a Lion Dance Troupe, for who doesn’t like the idea of ushering fortune and prosperity into their businesses?

Whatever the occasion, if you are in need of an entertaining show, if you want impress your guests, if you want to have an auspicious start, then a lion dance can do all of this and more!

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I engaged Allan and Friends’ Studios for lion dance services during the Chinese New Year open house for my company this year. I highly recommend Allan and Friends’ Studios to anyone that is looking for lion dance service for their home, business or event!

Ms Ang

I hired an acrobatic lion dance on high poles performance during the 5th day of Chinese New Year for my business. Thank you Allan and Friends’ Studios for making entertaining my staff, customer and partners during CNY 2017! 

Madam Lim

We’re lucky we managed to get in touch with Allan and Friends’ Studios for lion dance service at our home during Chinese New Year this year. My family and friends had a great time especially the little ones. Thank you Allan and Friends’ Studios.

Mr Jackie

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