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Are you planning to have kids present at your event? If the answer is yes, then say yes to renting an inflatable bouncy castle at your event! Bouncing castles are great fun for children where they may roam free within the castle and have a great time. It would give children great moments to remember and entertain them. Do you want to leave a strong impression on children during your event? If so consider hiring an inflatable bouncy castle. It is suitable for multiple occasions such as birthdays, launchings, fairs and many more.

We understand that these bouncy castle would take effort to set up, therefore we have crew members present to be responsible for setting up the bouncy castles and more than that they will also be packing up the bouncy castle to ensure that you can rest easy, it is an additional entertainment not additional tasks.

Inflatable bouncy castle are fairly safe, we can give reasonable assurance that no accidents would occur. As we have check-ups for the bouncy castles before inflation. We also ensure that the bouncy castle is stable, secure and fully inflated before allowing any entry to the castle. There are instances where bouncy castles are carried off by strong winds however rare they might be in Malaysia. We would have precautionary measures to ensure the structural integrity is in place and if weather conditions aren’t suitable we would call it off, at Allan and Friends’ Studios safety is our top priority.

Speaking of weather if you have an indoor function we also have indoor inflatable bouncy castles. However they do take up space therefore we would work closely with you to ensure that everything will fit in place. Furthermore we have multiple designs of inflatable bouncy castles such as slides, play-lands, tunnels, obstacle courses and combos. You may select from our wide arsenal or get consultation on which bouncy castle would best suit your event. We carry out our services with guaranteed professionalism!

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Our company engaged Allan and Friends’ Studios for inflatables rental for our company’s family day in Palace of the Golden Horses at Mines, Seri Kembangan last November. The children enjoyed the inflatables very much especially the inflatable bouncy castle. I highly recommend Allan and Friends’ Studios to anyone that is looking for inflatables rental service for their event!

Puan Maisura

We made a great choice with the addition of a bouncy castle rental for our 7 year old son’s birthday party in June 2017. The kids were delighted when they saw the bouncy castle which came with a slide and we thoroughly entertained. Thank you Allan and Friends’ Studios!

Mr Chan

We’re lucky we managed to get in touch with Allan and Friends’ Studios to provide a inflatable Disney themed bouncy castle rental at our kids event in Subang Jaya. The children were very happy playing on the bouncy castle! Thank you Allan and Friends’ Studios!

Mr Adam

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