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Most people would instantly shun the idea of hiring a wedding emcee because of the assertion that it is expensive. As such, most people will just get a dear one or close relative to be the emcee for their wedding reception. Besides that, most of them will be using the same standard scripts that everyone is using which can be downloaded over the internet. Most of the time, the wedding emcee will failed to engage the guests and unable to leave a memorable impression to them at the end of the event.

Allan and Friends’ Studios will help you to spare your friends or close relatives from the burden of being a wedding emcee by providing experienced emcees who specialise in hosting for weddings. Let them enjoy the reception with ease and let us do the job!

Here at Allan and Friends’ Studios, we have a great selection of professional wedding emcees that are not only great in verbal communication but are also confident and highly organised to ensure a smooth and successful wedding reception.

We understand that each emcee has his or her own personality and engaging a suitable emcee makes a huge difference to your wedding experience. It’s not a job that can be handled by just anyone who is confident of public speaking or simply googling for tips on how to emcee a wedding or rather rehearsing funny speeches and a couple of jokes which might not turn out as expected. We also understand that you may have different expectations for your wedding.

Through Allan and Friends’ Studios, we provide the best wedding emcee that will facilitate your whole wedding event. All our wedding emcees have many years of hosting weddings experience and therefore, they have a clear outline of the program flow, coordinating the stage programs with you and other parties like the DJ, wedding band, banquet manager and audio visual technician, etc. As the main person connecting with the audience and leading the program, our wedding emcee will also be the person to watch out for cues by the right people at the right time. With a good emcee for your wedding, even your photographer and videographer will know the right time to capture your best moments.

In addition, our wedding emcee will handle unexpected situations that sometimes could occur in a wedding that can cause the atmosphere to be tense and uncomfortable e.g. drinks spilled on the bride’s wedding dress, drunk guests making a scene, faulty sound system. The last thing a wedding couple wants is to handle problems at their own wedding. Allan and Friends’ Studios wedding emcee have the experience and skills to handle difficult situations and turn them around. As the chief mood setter, he or she will keep the mood up and lead your wedding program forward.

Whether it is wedding reception, ROM ceremony or banquet, Allan and Friends’ Studios professional wedding emcee will set the right atmosphere for you. While there are many other provides of wedding emcee services, Allan and Friends’ Studios take pride in having an extensive experience in what we do. Let us make it a memorable one with guests having a good time. Perfect venue, scrumptious food and lively music will all be useless in the absence of an entertaining emcee. So contact Allan and Friends’ Studios now!

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Allan and Friends’ Studios’s wedding emcee was experienced, professional and entertaining in hosting our wedding dinner. I highly recommend Allan and Friends’ Studios to anyone that is looking for a wedding emcee!


It takes the right skills and expertise to host a wedding dinner event. The emcee from Allan and Friends’ Studios was professional in hosting our event in English and Chinese and coordinated the flow of our wedding dinner smoothly. Thank you Allan and Friends’ Studios! 


We’re lucky we managed to get in touch with Allan and Friends’ Studios to help source for a wedding emcee for our wedding dinner last March. Our guest enjoyed themselves and we all had a memorable night to remember!


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